There are two ways you can leverage social media to grow your business. And I cannot overemphasize this enough.

If you are an entrepreneur and you do not have a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a YouTube channel, or a website, then I do not know what you are doing.

I started my business from the back. I had no money, no name, no “skill.” But there was something that I had that has brought me to where I am today. That is my ability to LEVERAGE.

As a rising entrepreneur, you may not have everything you need to start that business. But if you can learn the principles of LEVERAGE, then you will become successful.

One of the key leverage available to everyone today is the INTERNET. You can use the various Social Media Platforms, YouTube, and websites through WordPress to enable you to become successful.

But how do you go about it?

Like I mentioned earlier, there are two ways you can leverage on the Internet, either using paid advertisements or organic growth. You must however know that each of these has its own merits and demerits and will also depend on how much resources (time, money, energy) you have at your disposal within a given point in time.

Over the last few years, I have used a combination of the two starting with the organic growth since I was not having money to run paid adverts on any platform.

However, let me share with you what kept me going, THE LONG-TERM MINDSET.

Listen, you will not be successful tomorrow because you started your business today. You must be patient but continue to work hard if you want to become a successful entrepreneur.

So, let me share the two Internet leverage strategies with you.

Organic Growth:

I think you will need to start from here. This is the sure way to guarantee future success. It is where you provide value upfront to your potential customers to display what you can do. Now, what do I mean? I mean you become the educator in your industry. You become someone who teaches your potential customers how to benefit more from what you are selling.

Let us expand this a little.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur in education, I decided to provide value to people. What did I do? I created a WordPress website (which I learned on YouTube) and started sharing blogs on key topics that students may be searching for. I then proceeded with teaching on Facebook, YouTube, and later Instagram (all using my mobile phone to shoot the videos – about 99.9% was not edited).

Guess what happened? People then began to take notice of me especially from my YouTube channel and my website. Now, people started to join my paid class and I did not have to advertise because they have read my blogs and watched my videos on Facebook, Instagram, and most importantly YouTube.

This is exactly what I am talking about. Today, with over six hundred (600) videos and numerous blogs available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and my websites, people identify me easily from google and other platforms and pay money to get our courses.

That is what I want you to do. Now, as I mentioned earlier, this is a long-term game. You will start getting noticed by the ALGORITHM of the various platforms after you have been consistent for several years and have been getting more views and engagements on your content.

Today, video is everything. That is why you cannot have a business without Facebook and Instagram pages as well as a YouTube channel. Now, you are not going to be on these platforms just to display your “nice logo” or product. No. You are there to create engaging and educating content to attract your potential customers to do business with you. You must be in a position where you do not chase customers, but customers chase you. That is how you can become successful and make substantial money.

Now, you may have started giving excuses about why you cannot do what I am saying. You are saying things like:

I am not good on camera

My voice sucks

I cannot write

I do not know how to instruct people

I do not have the devices to produce quality contents

Listen to me!!!! I made all these excuses but let me ask you this question “HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU?”

You must just start with what you have. Do you have a phone? Yes, start shooting the videos. Will they be nice? Hell NO!!! But just begin and be authentic. When people realize you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, they will pay attention and become loyal followers. But as you begin to make money, do not start to buy nice dresses or things to make you look good. NO!!! Invest all back into the business. Do you want to know why? Because your customers are your biggest investors. Do not go out looking for someone to invest in your business. Go out and start providing value in the marketplace to attract some customers who will be willing to pay you.

You are asking. Okay Nhyira, how do I start? You can watch other videos on YouTube to see how to start or better still, you could request a call with my Team and let us see how we can assist you to become ubiquitous online and start making money. Send us an email at or WhatsApp at +233 (0) 501149296.

Our Team will be willing to assist you always.


Paid Advertisements

This is the fastest way to get your product selling. However, it is costly. You must be careful how to use this in your business. The downside is that, once the advert stops, your traffic also stops and if you do not use the right medium and great targeting skills, you may be wasting your money.

There are various mediums for this. Posters, billboards, radio, television, and online.

Listen, I will recommend you start with the online option as a “small business.” Why must this be the case? Because you can target your audience better and even build audiences for retargeting for better results or return on investment.

Alternatively, you can leverage our people’s audience. This is known as Influential Marketing. It is about paying people with engaging followers who may have a similar interest in your business to advertise your products for you. You must however be careful when choosing to associate your brand and business with an influencer as this may impact either negatively or positively on your brand as an entrepreneur.

I have not done this before even though I know how powerful this can be. The reason is that I am positioning myself to be an AUTHORITY in my field and build my BRAND based on that.

Now, I know you may not understand all these terminologies here, that is why you must either learn or employ someone who knows them to assist you to get the optimal results for your business.

I had to learn all these and others on my own because I had no money to employ someone to do it for me. Therefore, it took me longer to start but all is good to provide me with better perspectives of my business and what it takes to become successful.

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