I am where I am today partly because of the decision I made not to be in any emotional relationship, instead, be a single rising entrepreneur and build a brand that will be recognized globally.

I made this decision incredibly early in my journey when I decided to become successful. One of the distractions I saw was from my relationships. That is why I decided to be single if possible.

Now, I am not endorsing or encouraging anyone to do this because we all have a pathway of success on which we must focus. Mine was distractions from my relationship, yours could be from other friends, family or even being addicted to something which hinders your progress in life.

We are all different, this is what has worked for me. It is my experience and that is where I can come from, my experience.

But someone may ask, “Nhyira was it worth it?” Or “Is it worth it?”

Hell YES!!! It is worth it.

Let me explain. There are a number of advantages I experience since I am single.

  1. The singularity of FOCUS: I can focus on my goals, mission, and life purpose and work anytime I like without someone demanding my time or other resources because we are in a relationship. My mind, emotions, and efforts endlessly are always on my future (the business, brand & wealth). This has positioned me in a society that is highly competitive.


  1. Financial SAVINGS: This is something a lot of young men do not realize. A relationship is expensive, it will cost you money. I once heard someone ask this “…. What is a poor man doing around love?” I do not care how much you think that lady loves you, if you cannot do certain things and provide some financial assistance especially when the need arises, then you will lose her with a probability of ninety-nine percent (99%). Because I am single, I have nothing to worry about. I am not under any obligation to buy a birthday present for any lady or provide for any lady. These expenses have been saved which I have reinvested into my business to continuously grow my brand and achieve my goals.


  1. Self-Discovery & Personal Development: One of the key reasons why most relationships (and marriages) are not successful is because the partners do not even know who they are and so do not understand what they want. People enter a relationship or even marriage because of what the other partner can do for them. There is this saying that “… I am looking for my lost rib and when I find her, I will be complete…”. I bet to differ. I do not think there is any “lost rib” anywhere. You must discover yourself as an independent person. That way, when the other person enters your life, you are already complete, and they come to enable you together to build a substantial life for each other. This is one of the greatest lessons I have learned as a single person. I now know myself better – what I want, what I do not want, how I want my home to be, how I want my future to be. And most importantly, I have spent time studying (listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, reading books, among others) how to become a better person for myself and for my future partner.


  1. Building My Future Solidly: As of the time of writing this article (or recording this podcast), I have published fifteen (15) books based on the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants – United Kingdom (ACCA – UK) and Institute of Chartered Accountants – Ghana (ICA – GH)’s professional qualification syllabi which are sold globally on Amazon. I have an engaging growing YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram pages which enable me to connect with thousands of people across the globe impacting them to become successful. I could not have done this if I were in a relationship as per my thinking. I am young, and people do not believe what I do when they hear about my age (it is for this reason I do not talk about it). I live my life on my own terms, run a successful business around my lifestyle, and continuously increase my wealth. Why is this possible? Because I am laser – focus on my goals and nothing distracts my attention.


  1. Recognition: I am revered highly by people because of my excellent approach to what I do as an Educator. There are sometimes where I just sit back and ask myself WHY? This is because, if I look at where I am coming from, I cannot imagine experiencing this now and this keeps me humble. It is only God who deserves all the praise for all that I have been able to achieve at this stage of my life against all odds. This is something you must understand, if you dedicate yourself to your mission or goals, you will become successful and be recognized beyond your wildest imaginations. I know this well.


  1. The Role Model: I have become a mentor to many people who are much older than me who also look up to be in pursuing their goals. This is also one of the most humbling experiences I have had and continue to have. I receive messages and calls from people speaking about how I have given them hope and provided clarity to them to continue with their career goals. Again, when you distinguish yourself in your craft, you become the epitome of benchmark against which people measure greatness, and that provides encouragement to them that if you can make it, then they can also pursue and become successful.

These are just six of the great benefits I have been blessed with since I am single. And like I mentioned at the beginning of this article (podcast), I am not saying you should do the same, because our lifestyle choices are different. The moral lesson I want you to take from this is to identify the ONE THING that is preventing or will hinder your progress in life and eliminate that immediately. That is the only way you can become successful and achieve your goals.

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