Women Empowerment – My Thoughts

Women Empowerment – My Thoughts

Disclaimer: Please read this with an “open mind”.

I have been hearing this phrase a lot “Women Empowerment”. My question is “Who is empowering the male child?”.

Listen, we can empower women all we want but if we ignore the male child and not teach men what it means to be men and how to be responsible, accountable , and have a transformed mindset, then all this “Women empowerment” agenda will be “a waste of time”.

I don’t think there is any conscious effort to TRAIN the boys to become men who can behave in the manner expected of the society.

There are people who think we need “Independent Women” but that is not what we need. We need to build a society where everyone can become successful and accomplish their dreams whether they are men or women. That is the society we need.

The agenda of having “independent women” in my opinion is actually going to destroy our society because it makes some women think all they need is to become “successful and powerful” but the reality is we need more than that.

Statistics have shown that children raised in a single parent home by men turn out to become more successful than children raised in a single parent home led by women.

You know why?

Because a man can play the role of raising children in the way they should go better than women.

I know your ego and ignorance will step in and cause you to say something else you know nothing about. That is exactly the problem of this society.

Relax, and continue reading to understand my thoughts.

We don’t want to accept the truth which was established by God which has been throughout generations.

There was nothing like “Independent Woman” in the “old” and anytime we try to change what was not there, our society end up in ruin.

It is the same mindset we are adopting to this whole climate change issue thinking “renewable energy” will be the solution to the problem when that may never happen. But more on that subject matter later in another article.

Let’s come back to the subject of empowerment.

 This whole “Women Empowerment” agenda is pushing and raising a lot of single mothers who think it is all about becoming successful and living their dreams.

Again, I am not here to disrespect anyone but we must think about the whole subject of EMPOWERMENT holistically rather than trying to raise women who are powerful and can do what men can do better.

The whole myth of “what men can do, women can do better” but be demystify.

The world is not just about dominance or who is powerful and who is not.

This is really what I am saying; we can empower women to become leaders and be whatever they want to be, but if this world is not equally full of men who have been empowered to understand and support women, we cannot build any successful society.

Why I’m I saying this? Some young women even think they do not need a man in their life and it’s all about their goals and becoming independent and powerful.

But let me shock you. Many of the women who have been promoting this “Independent Woman” agenda have come out stating their regret and how they were misled to think their life was about becoming successful when it was far more than that.

They mentioned, yes success is important but they also wished they had a man in their life who is there for them as a husband and a father to their children so they can enjoy life together.

And this is very important. Because majority of the people promoting the whole agenda of “Women Empowerment” think it is about being able to pay you own bills, writing the cheques, doing whatever they want when they want without having to “take permission” from anyone; and that is the very problem I have with this agenda.

We are gradually indoctrinating young ladies to go on a path that doesn’t lead to “success” but depression, increased phycological problems and a society full of irresponsible people.

Let me hit you with another information.

Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology by the International Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology has this to say and I quote

“….Children raised in single-mother families are at increased risk for psychopathology…….Single mothers were more likely to engage in psychologically controlling behaviors, which predicted to their adolescent offspring experiencing higher rates of depressive symptoms and externalizing disorders. Girls were more susceptible to depressive symptoms via psychologically controlling parenting than boys in single-mother families.

Further, single mothers were more likely to engage in rejecting parenting behaviours, which predicted to a higher prevalence of adolescent externalising disorders….”

Again, I don’t want you to come and “defend or argue” with me about anything.

I just want us to understand the problems and come to a realisation that we need to empower both the male child and the female child. We cannot prioritise and think the male child can handle life without any guidance and support.

I was raised in a single parent home by my mother. Yes she did great until I have to leave home by the age of sixteen to start finding my own path.

She thought me some significant things which have grounded me and still guide me today but I missed the influence of my father and I had to and still learning on my own how to become a better person, husband and father.

I wouldn’t be here having influence on many people across the globe through social media if God had not directed my path to make certain critical decisions. I had to find my path and learned lot of things on my own.

I could have easily ended up on the street but for God!!!

My friend, I am asking for a holistic approach to empowerment and not this “Independent Woman” agenda we are promoting which will not make our society great as we thought.

So, instead of just empowering the female child, let’s empower the male child as well. Let us design our society in a manner that will equip both of them with values, discipline and mindsets that are based on ancient principles passed down throughout generation.

Let us go back to the guidance given in the scriptures

Proverbs 22:6

Amplified Bible (AMP)Train up a child in the way he should go [teaching him to seek God’s wisdom and will for his abilities and talents], Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

The key phrase here is “a child” not a girl or a female or a woman. It has to be both girls and boys; male and female; men and women.

This is how our world can become a better place for all of us.

Let me give you something to think about.

Go to any prison in the world and you will see that about ninety percent (90%) of the prisoners on the average are men.

Why is that? Have you asked yourself why crime is on the rise?

Yes, you may blame government policies but the root cause is the lack of proper upbringing, empowerment, and neglects.

We can empower women to become chief executive officers of major corporations, presidents of nations, leaders of societies; but if the male child is not trained and mentored in the right manner, everything that will be built by the so called “powerful independent women” will be destroyed by these men who lack proper empowerment to become responsible people in the society.

I could go on with some other examples but I want you to know this; every major disaster or crisis in the world today is caused by “men” who feel neglected, cheated, embarrassed, and lack empathy.

I am passionate about this and I will do what I can with my influence and resources to bridge this gap. But we need to do this together and I am ready to partner with people and organisations who understand the importance of empowering both the male and the female child.

We must build a better future for the next generation and that includes human capacity building which is not based on gender but on principles.

If you are interested in the topic and want us to partner on this mission, then contact me directly and let’s transform our society together.

Email me – nhyira@nhyirapremiumuniversity.com

Call or WhatsApp +233 (0) 501149296

Thank you for reading and share this so we can spread the news. I will also be glad to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comment .

I am Nhyira Premium.

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