Terms and Conditions

By purchasing and enrolling in this course, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

I will protect the Intellectual Property of Nhyira Premium and Premium Education Hub. 

I will go through the lessons as per the Course Dripping by Nhyira Premium. 

I will go through the weekly lesson(s) and participate in the Weekly On Campus Lectures via Zoom.
I will participate and do all assignments, project works, and Mock Examinations.

My access expires after the ICAG Examination for this semester (Examination Diet).

The information I provided above can be used ONLY to process my enrollment and for other purposes related to my training.

I agree to the above Terms and Conditions and every DIRECTIVE from the Institution (Premium Education Hub) to enhance my preparation for the Final Examination.
And I will be a RESPONSIBLE student as I study under the Mentorship of Nhyira Premium.

NOTE: ASSIGNMENTS are given regularly, FAILURE to do the assignments means you CAN NOT join the live discussion for those assignments.
If this CONTINUES CONSECUTIVELY, the Management will take the appropriate action which among other things may include being RUSTICATED.
Thank you!!!